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Our Solutions


We develop solutions that bring benefit to people and organizations by the focus on automation, seamless integrations, and user experience. Added value to the customer is always the top priority for us.

Intelligent solutions


With extensible, evolvable, and customizable software, we are always ready to reflect current customer's needs efficiently. The ability to adapt solutions for specific domains is our competitive advantage.

Flexible solutions


New technologies, non-traditional methods, or exceptional requirements do not scare us. On the contrary, we like to explore novelty in the development and find unprecedented possibilities.

Innovative solutions

Expertise & Services

Data Stewardship

A lot of various data is produced nowadays. However, proper management, long-term availability and reusability is not an easy task. We provide solutions for data stewards and researchers to help them benefit from sophisticated knowledge models and smart guidance.

FAIR Tools

We believe in FAIR data. Following the principles of findability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability of research data will help both science and industry to move significantly forward. We contribute to the tools that help to produce and maintain FAIR data.


Our enterprise-ready solutions simplify and streamline documents management in terms of creating and updating complex documents by neatly enhancing their modularity, configurability, and evolvability. These solutions lead to significant resource savings, which can be leveraged even further using machine-actionability.

Open Source

Every time it is possible and suitable, we strive to develop open-source software. We believe in a strong community that can contribute to the development. Thus, everyone can easily benefit. Nevertheless, as the main contributors, we are always able to adapt the solution to fulfil specific customers' needs.

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